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Jeffrey Clement

Jeffrey Clement operates in two primary roles at Palmers Law, P.A. as Chief Financial Officer and Loss Consultant.

Having acquired a bachelor’s degree in business and finance, and years of business experience, Mr. Clement is a senior executive who is responsible for managing the financial actions of the Firm. As CFO, he oversees and spearheads all financial aspects of the firm, which includes budgeting, financial reporting, forecasting, and financial planning. Moreso, Mr. Clement contributes to the firm’s financial future by exploring and seizing growth opportunities and protecting the firm’s financial stability.

Jeffrey Clement also occupies the role of Loss Consultant. With six (6) years of experience as a successful Public Adjuster and having invaluable experience of owning a successful public adjusting firm in recent past, it is easy to say Mr. Clement is one of the core members at PLAW. In this capacity, Jeffrey Clement uses this experience and gained skills to expertly adjust claims that are in the pre-litigation phase.

With deep connection to his Caribbean heritage, Mr. Clement prides himself of the ways in which he has been able to contribute to his Haitian community in his professional life. Particularly, with having made a name for himself and consequently acquiring 90% clientele of his previous company being Haitian, he continues to provide a medium of connecting and servicing the Haitian community through the Law Firm.

As an Army veteran, Jeffrey Clement embodies the U.S. Army’s core values: Integrity; Loyalty; Duty; Respect; and Selfless Service.

<strong>Jeffrey Clement</strong>